Exhume Goldwater ’08

Exhume Goldwater at CafePress
November 15, 2006, 5:43 am
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Exhume Goldw Exhume Goldwater ‘08


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I’m trying to decide if this is offensive or not.

Comment by t-rizzle

ha, i think that it’s pretty funny

Comment by mittwins

Maybe stem cell research isn’t such a bad idea afterall.

America needs Barry!

Comment by Down with the neo-cons

Oh, this is great. Here I was all depressed about the ’08 election. And now I’m smilin’.

Comment by Adrian

Don’t stop there. Exhume Thomas Jefferson!

Comment by mk

Exhume Goldwater?

I know he said, “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice” — but this might be a little extreme even for Barry. One of the commenters at the site wrote, “Don’t stop there. Exhume Thomas Jefferson!” This seems particularly…

Trackback by within the crainium

I am a Democrat, and would definitely vote for Goldwater if he were alive and decided to run in 2008.

Comment by Todd

Im a 40 year old “Goldwaterish” Republican turned independent and i gotta say that this site “moves” me….. *wink*

Comment by Markey

The man who was responsible for Draft Goldwater is Steve Shadegg, the extremely distant cousin of Ish Kabibble and the woman from Moffat County who died very unexpectedly.

Comment by V.E.G.

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Comment by bonnyespinoza77585

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