Exhume Goldwater ’08

Exhume Goldwater ’08
November 7, 2006, 5:54 am
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The 2006 midterm election is over and Democrats have swept into both houses of Congress. We’ve got a Republican in the White House and Democrats in Congress, and yet, nobody really foresees real change in Washington. The time has come to find a third way. Some argue we should draft politicians to help change Washington.1

After Vietnam, the last thing America really needs is another draft.

For years we’ve been looking above ground to find our candidates, and for years they’ve been disappointing. The time has come to start looking beneath the surface.

The time has come to exhume Barry Goldwater for President in 2008!

This website is dedicated that cause.

1 For examples of draft movements, see Condoleeza Rice, Al Gore, Russ Feingold, Hillary Clinton, Mark Warner, Rudy Guiliani, Blanche Lincoln, Wesley Clark, Dennis Kucinich, John Edwards, Olympia Snowe, Newt Gingrich, Barack Obama, Brian Schweitzer, John McCain, Matt Blunt and Pat Buchanan.


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I love the very idea. We have been looking above ground for way too long…witness the current crop.

Like turnips and truffles…. who says we can’t have a Pres who actually does nothing?

anyway….”Exhume Goldwater ’08” is great except for how badly it rolls off the tongue…

why not simply “Barry Goldwater ’08” ?

Comment by DaveMeleney

“Exhume AuH2O” is a little too highbrow for today’s generation.
I like “Exhume Goldwater ’08”

But, of course,
” Bury Goldwater ’08 ”
will be the counter-cry!

Comment by Terry_Jim

How about, “He isn’t as stiff as Al Gore” ?

Could you do an “Exhume Reagan” in the same design?

Comment by Terry_Jim

DoorFrame, you are preaching to the choir bro’…hubby is an auH2O man since the age of 11. i came into my conservative consciousness a bit later, [not until reagan].
love the exhume concept. good job!
ps thanks for dropping by our site and leaving the comment.

Comment by sookietex

Yes. Yes. Yes. I will be buying the campaign swag. I knew a lot of people, when I got involved in Libertarian politics in the mid-70s, who cut their political teeth on the Goldwater campaign. I was a bit too young.

Comment by Fritz

Same post as on SA:
Goldwater was right. He was demonized by the press. McCarthy was right. He too was demonized and lied about by the press. Ethyl and Juilus were spies.
Goldwater’s ideas were much like Ronald Reagan’s. Conservative, The Truth, and common sensical. Way too easy for liberals to understand.

Comment by Chief RZ

Goldwater is spinning in his grave over what Bush jr and Cheney have done to his GOP, a “exhume” move could be doable me thinks….

Comment by Markey

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